Miss Teen Thailand 2010

Miss Teen Thailand 2010

Miss Teen Thailand 2010


Hana Liwis / Miss Teen Thailand 2010

she come from English  and she want to be superstar because she like it.

she come to miss teen thailand  and she thing she want to the winner

she get suzuki by jelato  she get his pictrue in activity she get friends very much and

she get THE WINNER  .

she feeling prond very much and she go to his parents and his parents love to his very very

In activity Miss teen thailand go to pattaya and play sea with his friends

she tell very happy and funny ^o^

she tell to everybody : when Miss Teen Thailand 2011 come she want to women have 15-23 years old

come to miss teen thailand she tell miss teen thailand very good she will to remember forever 🙂


ฮาน่า-พลอย-แคร์  3 มิสทีน ไทยแลนด์ 2010 บุกตะลุยญี่ปุ่น


After she get missteenthailand she go to JAPAN with friends she go to work and she go to travel

she go to disneyland go to Fuji mouthain

she tell : in japan very beautiful

ฮาน่า-พลอย-แคร์  3 มิสทีน ไทยแลนด์ 2010 บุกตะลุยญี่ปุ่น

    every missteenthailand
    Miss teen thailand have beginning in sice 1987. Kantana and entertenment company have idea about this.
    Them want to beauty woman come to miss teen because them will  these women be superstar and have
    good future. After since 2000 Miss Teen Thailand have a  famous in thailand many women want to contest missteen
    because they woman have nerve from her family. since that time miss teen thailand have succeed making
    Kantana and entertenment company have a many company want to come  work together with miss teen.
    Miss teen thailand give something to women . Give good friends give good everything miss teen make to something very good
    make people be superstar make people  succeed and make some people like miss teen
    miss teen thailand it very good very happy very funny .
    In contest have 50 women. All   contestant get skills learning about how to walk on catwalk.
    Every women like it. Ajan kai to teach aj.kai say every women very good they are  intend.

Final Miss Teen Thailand contest  2010 ^o^

In this video have a 12 women work around on stag.Every people in this room have smile . 12 women make every body very happy so this video women number 43 be winner because she have beautiful smile and body perfect


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